What is a Bralette?

Bralettes are unlined and wireless bras. Some people spell bralette bralet. They are normally designed to be pulled over the head and sometimes include a clasp in the back. The primary difference between a bralette and a regular bra is that the bralette does not include the extra support features found in wired, heavily lined, firm cup bras. They do feature great comfort, fancy stretch lace material and very soft cups. The bralette is the ultimate "let'em look natural" bra.

Bralettes make excellent relaxing, lounge or sleeping bras and are typically a favorite of women with smaller bust lines. However, the recent popularity and extraordinary comfort of the bralette has pushed designers to make bralettes that work for all women no matter what the bust size. Further, the newer and more stylish bralettes have many women wearing the bralette as a fancy weekend bra or fashionable under-top for all occasions.

Anna Taylor
Anna Taylor

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